Church of the Redeemer in Eastwood
 Final weekend 25-27 Feb 2011 (on separate page)         see Wikipedia entry

  '70s & '80s pics from Paul Frey
   '70s photos by Diane Davis Andrew
 Household Fun by Rebecca Crowe
 2006 Fall Festival Bob Andrew
 2008 Procession by Rebecca Crowe
 2009 Halloween Kathy Barker
 2011 Redeemer by George Mims
 2011 Eastwood by George Mims
 Pre-last weekend by Jon Wilkes
 Redeemer Painting Maureen White
 Bricks and Mortar Serena Randolph
  Mid-1970s by Debbie Farra Milner
Worship streamers and flags are made by
 "Waves of Glory": our Debbie Geistert

3D Painting by Maureen White

aerial photo from Paul Frey, shows the original tile roof

  "Following the Spirit" CBS
 Lantrip Playground in 1979
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