Thank You for All that You are and All that you Did
- Daniel Coleman 28 Feb 2011

Thank you for being here, and for coming from near and far, for your supportive presence, for praying, for dancing, for leading prayer, for singing, for directing music, for mowing the lawn and edging and weed-eating,  for celebrating (in all senses of the word), for preaching, for cooking and cooking and cooking, and cleaning up and cleaning up, for playing the organ, the piano, the trumpet, the flute, the trombone, the bongo drums, the djembe, the violin, the Indian tabla drums, the accordion (a seriously cool instrument), for talking, for listening, for emptying the trash over and over again, for cleaning up whatever it was in the balcony, for unlocking the doors, for locking the doors, for recording, for balancing the sound, for printing copies of the Chronicle article, for not complaining about the temperature even though you were dressed in a suit or an alb, for building the website, for waving flags, for graciously answering the telephone for the hundredth time, for moving the church office and getting the P.O. box and copying the bills, for getting more water than we needed, for cooking the bread, for playing the guitar (in the nave and in the chapel), for moving prayer books and hymnals and candles and the cross, for putting out the tables and all the chairs and the tablecloths, for printing the bulletins, for taking care of the children, for taking the photograph, for taking photographs, for bringing flowers, for decorating the altar so beautifully, for writing and compiling and printing the memory book, for being gracious even in ungracious moments with both people and things, for planning the services and the snacks and the potluck dinners, for reading the lections, for all that you contributed (in every sense of that word too), for being an acolyte and an usher and a priest and a lay worship leader and a youth pastor and a cook and a musician and a composer and a dishwasher and a treasurer and a janitor.

Thank you for all that you are and all that you did to make our last service in the building worshipful, beautiful, and unforgettable.  I know I will never forget it.  I will never forget today.  Thank you for all your faithful acts of lovingkindness.

And now I know that we are all very tired, and I pray that the Lord Almighty grant each of us a peaceful night and a perfect end.  Amen ©2011. Click site map to navigate
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