Commentaries on Church of the Redeemer

■ "Serene Chaos" feeling sacred near the deconsecrated  Lisa Tenney 3 Sept 2012

"Church of the Redeemer Houston-First Century Church" 13 July 2012

■ "Final Service at Redeemer is Reunion for Many" Diocesan blog 28 Feb '11

■ "Joyful Noise is Going Silent"  Kate Shellnutt in Chronicle Virtue OnLine 25 Feb '11

"Historic church to be torn down" by KHOU (1min 51 seconds)  25 Feb 2011

■  Eastwood's Redeemer Likely to be Redeemed for Vacant Lot

■  Thoughts on Church of the Redeemer by Eric Sawyer

■  Thread on Blog "TitusOneNine" by Canon Dr. Kendall Harmon

■   How an Ecstatic Moment Failed (comment on Julia Duinn's book)

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