Solo Artists Still Creating & Crafting

Several folk have continued faithfully ever since the '70s - or have developed new forms - to express their faith and life in interesting ways. Here's a handful of them.
Our next generation are now also being creative in movie, stage, music . . .

Beau Weaver
link to his website
Started out as Radio DJ, now a voice-over artist in Ojai,
generous with his support of developing new VO talent
Ben Roberts
link to his website
Washington DC-based painter, brother of Joshua Roberts
Brian Howard
link to his website
Known for "If I Were A Butterfly", he continued to write.
Now has another kid's song "I Just Wanna Be A Sheep"
Carolyn Reinhart
link to art website &
personal website
"For me, photography remains as a visual representation and voice. I have learned to appreciate that all aspects of life are interconnected and through the gift of my photography"
Charles Mallory
link to his website
Columbus-based partner in Cut Time Music studio, producing scores e.g. for independent movies like Melting Pot.
Chris Wheeler
link to his FB page
Son of Carl & Joyce, now character Technical Director at 3D studio DreamWorks Animation. His latest is "Madagascar 3"
Daphne Grimes
died March 11, 2018
Poet, writer. Founded Thomas the Apostle Center, Cody, WY. Read "Journeys to Jerusalem" and "Journeys in the Spirit"
David R. Davis
link to his website
& YouTube video
Worked at 4th Ward Clinic, lived in Satterfield household. Now a writer, cartoonist, satirist and speaker. Get his illustrated children's books, and for adults " Travels with Grandpaw"
David Pulkingham link to his FB page
and his website
Austin-based musician, who for many years played with Alejandro Escevedo, also vocal duets with Guillia Milanta. Featured on 30+ live videos, now tours with Patty Griffin.
David Salge Clarinet: check out this Debussy Premiere Rhapsody video
Diane D. Andrew
link to her website
A female lead for the UK Fisherfolk Team in the 1970s, continued to write and record for several more decades.
"Friends" album is available on this site
Elaine O'Rourke
link to her children's book
Author of "Seymour Reaches the Sky". Versatile singer, formerly Houston Grand Opera, now vocalist at St. Martin's Episcopal in Houston, seasonal "Dickens on the Strand"
George O'Malley
link to his music site
Talented guitarist, now living with disability in Austin: listen to his guitar talent with solo vocal, hosted on ReverbNation
Jacqueline Durran
FB page, photos
& Clothes on Film
British costume designer, who won BAFTA in 2004 for "Vera Drake", nominated for Oscar on "Pride & Prejudice". In 2011 "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy", 2013 for "Anna Karenina"
Jeff Hankins
link to his blog
His blog includes interesting and inciteful commentary on several Fisherfolk songs: he's connected through Diane
Jodi Page-Clark
link to her FB page
Worked as Art Psychotherapist, now writing three books
with an Appalachian theme - this is where she was born
"Journey of an Appalachian Pilgrim"  Foreword/Ch 1.
Joshua Roberts
Singer: has albums on iTunes: " Concede" and "Still Life"
Kevin O'Neill
link to his website
Visual designer/producer, specialises in brand development, user interface design, video/film production - lives near LA
Maureen White
link to her blogspot
Full-time "as Urban Pastures" in Montana creates unique, original 3D pictures from wood and copper: see video how
Mark Prebble
link to his FB page
and their website
Son of Edward & Sheryl, freelance film-maker in Auckland. He & Marion are Team M&M.  See "Pantry Shelf" - comedy on food, and what it gets up to when you are not looking!
Max Dyer
link to his FB page
Cellist for Houston Ballet, also performs and records with
Cantiga Renaissance Festival group, Dana Cunningham
Nick Glenn
link to his FB page
Son of David & Nicky. Large images carved from wood then painted or printed: see & installations
Patti R. Ross
link to her FB page
Patti and Sul perform with the Houston Choral Showcase
-  a non-profit community show choir, now in its 80th year
Peter Lusby-Taylor
link on Redbubble
Talented photographer, prolific Edinburgh-based artist with pencil and paint watercolours. Professionally is an architect
Richard Gillard
link to his website
Known for the Servant Song, Richard still lives in N.Z.
has started to write new songs, available on YouTube
Wallace Braud
 link to website
and new B&B
Production services in film and video for effective creative communications. Career includes Episcopal Media Center
and Habitat for Humanity, heading up media production
Taft Metcalf
link to his music site
Organ & keyboard player who does creative arrangements
including electronic music: eclectic mix on ReverbNation
Wiley Beveridge
link to his FB page
After solo albums at Celebration, partnered with Diane
Davis Andrew
on "Listen". Now still records new music.

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