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Ordained Clergy Connections with Community
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Cherie Binns: Joel MacCollam was certainly influenced in his Ordination through the Community as a Seminary mate with George Moses and Bob Morris. Joe Byrne and Bob Hansen (Lee House, Medical Community) and Charles Foss Swanee mid 1970s. Patricia Henking, a college friend of Joel MacCollam and me, came to live with us for two summers while we were in Houston then went to General Theological Seminary in NYC (where Joel and George and Bob went) and she is now Vicar in a small Parish in Merrimack, NH. David Upp, a lab tech at the 4th Ward Clinic is now a Methodist Minister and a Professor of Theology in the Asian-Pacific Divinity school.

Dave Binns:
Kimbrough Beshere, Franklin Marzullo (Deacon), Ted Tsitsilianos (Priest in Greek Orthodox Church). Paul Pratt and Dave Teschner from the St. Peters Community. It's good to keep in mind what happened to so many visitors who came for weekends of renewal and received the call to serve God in whatever capacity. What happened on the East end of Houston those 15 years or so had world wide ramifications spiritually. We are in no position to brag given what God had to work with ;>) But I'm just saying, we were there for the ride! And what a ride!

Peter Lusby Taylor: Louis Newton is an ordained Episcopal, now in New England somewhere I think. Graham Cyster who was at Post Green for five or six years is a pastor and an Ordained Baptist minister at Grace Ubuntu Fellowship Meeting at 407 Howard Ave. Lancaster, PA 17602. Rosalind Brown, ex Aliquippa community, is a canon at Durham cathedral and also a noted hymn writer. Stephen Ball is vicar of Semington in Wiltshire. Kevin Hackett is a member of SSJE address is 980 Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA 02138 | 21 Emery Lane, West Newbury MA 01985
Dave Porter is at St Cuthman's church in Brighton, Howard Page-Clark is at Lychett Minster and Douglas Kornahrens is vicar at Holy Cross Church in Edinburgh. Jason Farra is Associate Pastor at The Church at Alden Bridge Magnolia, Texas.. His mum Margo was also ordained.
I don't think David Gustafson is ordained but he heads up a renowned reconciliation ministry. There's a good you tube video of him here

Carolyn Lister Owens Wright Jack McComb's children....John McComb (Pastor around New Braunfels), maybe Martha McComb (I think she is a missionary). Garth Owens came to Redeemer having 17 years of ministry. Grady Manley...still teaching at the Sun City Community church, Georgetown TX

Carol Kennedy: Tim Whipple is definitely an ordained priest, Episcopal church. But he isn't actively serving.

Eric Sawyer: I just found out about the Rev. Dr. Cynthia (Cindy) Engle, who was at Redeemer for a period in the mid 80's. She is now the Rector of St Paul's church Navasota, TX. According to her bio on the church website, she went to England, earning a Ph.D. from Cambridge and spent some years teaching at Fuller, eventually making her way back to the Houston area. Quite a surprise when I saw her on the website!

Grace Kosloski: Isn't Grover Newman a Methodist pastor? And perhaps Lisa Tegby and Arne Soderback are Lutheran pastors? They were guests at Woodland Park when I was there, and I've remembered them all these years. And of course the rabbi from Israel who spent months teaching at Redeemer. Moshe? If we could remember names of guests, who touched our lives briefly, I'm sure our list would be much longer. Phil Bradshaw?

Peter Lusby Taylor: Yes Grace, Lisa Tegby is ordained, she lived on Cumbrae for a year back in the seventies and heads up a ministry team of 35 in Ålidhem Umeå which is pretty far up north in Sweden, is also a psychotherapist. Many of the Swedish contingent who lived at Cumbrae or PG are fully employed by the church in Sweden in various roles. For example Dan Elenius and Goran Wickstrom are both administrators in different places Dan in Gothenburg, Goran in Norrkoping. Erik Hansson is ordained at least deacon when I last heard about him, he was at Post Green for perhaps two or three years round about 1978-80 ish He is also based in Lisa Tegby's parish, in the city not too where Ruth and Häkan live. Arne Söderbäck is definitely ordained, and is kyrkoherde ( parish priest) in Lima not far from Rättvik where the Fisherfolk used to go. He was also on Cumbrae in the seventies. According to the Swedish papers he resigned in March last year as priest in charge of a mountain church in protest at the way the bishop and diocese were managing it, however I am not sure if this has affected his relationship with his main congregation, probably not. Nice picture of him here ©2011. Click site map to navigate
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