Ordained Clergy - related to our Communities
read also HOW they came to know and be with us
See link to our pages about Saints* who have already gone ahead to glory everlasting

Christine Allan-Johns
Abdias Avalos *
Ed Baggett*
Stephen Ball
(Deacon) Owen Barker
Kimbrough Beshere
Phil Bradshaw
(Canon) Rosalind Brown
Esther Clarke-Prebble
Choppy Cusachs
Graham Cyster
Nan Doerr
Rodney Dunlop
Maggie Durran
Cindy Engle
Jason Farra
Margo Farra*
Paul Felton*
Ladd Fields
Bishop Frey
Paul Frey
Earl Frid *
Becky Gettel

David Gustafson
(Br.) Kevin Hackett
Martyn Hawkes
Patricia Henking
Tom Herrick
Hakan Joelson
Freda Kimmey
Douglas Kornahrens
Nicholas Lamb
Grady Manley
Franklin Marzullo
Joel MacCollam
Mike McClain
John McComb
Daniel McGinniss
Steven McKeown
(Dean) Neal Michell
Mark Mills-Powell
Bob Morris
George Moses
Alan Newton *
Garth Owens
Howard Page-Clarke
Marty Pearsall
Dave Porter
Paul Pratt
Edward Prebble
Ernest Priest *
Graham Pulkingham *
Ken Ramsey *
Jeff Schiffmayer
Jack Sheffield
John Stanley
David Stayner
Sandy Stayner
Charles Foss Swanee
Lisa Tegby
Dave Teschner
J. Wilson Trigg
(Prof) David Upp
Graeme Webb
Tim Whipple
Reid Wightman
Egbert Womack*

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