The Symphony of Souls Remembered

We were a bunch of people in or looking at the hippie culture brought together by all sorts of different circumstances... We ended up staying together because of a shared hunger to "know truth." We met the Lord at some point in the journey and made individual commitments to Him. We then began to read scripture together every evening after dinner. The more scripture we read the more our lives began to change. We eventually lived together and started "doing music." We all went back to work instead of just living a hippie lifestyle.

We decided to travel the country to see how people who called themselves "Christians" lived. That journey took us to many different communities of believers and exposed us to many different life styles and expressions of faith. Eventually we ended up in Houston at Redeemer because of Redeemer's testimony of straights and hippies living together in love. It was the testimony of our life *SOS" together, that inspired Fisherfolk's traveling ministry and their life together in England.

However, for us, there was a split because of a confrontation of leadership between Shipen and Graham. At that point Ruth, Rog/Claudia, Stephanie and another young man Randy (who was not in the original group) - stayed behind and "The Trees" left to complete their journey to CA and back to NYC where we all started.

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