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Experience Worship through Music MP3s

This webpage has links to music you can't find anywhere else: a 1980 unpublished recording, newer albums by Diane and Wiley. Took old recordings from vinyl and tape, converted them to MP3 files.

Also have four Keyhole albums, and some older choir and FisherFolk albums, that are simply not available through Community of Celebration online shop, and never were (visit the links above).

We sell these albums in digital form only, through a simple MP3 file for songs or albums download process paid via PayPal. Net proceeds goes to support those artists who created, sang, accompanied and/or arranged this music, while devoting much of their life to sharing it with the wider church.

Below are links to the albums: click a title to go to the album tracks page, hear clips, & order them.

"In This Moment - A Journey Began"
by Wiley Beveridge (2004)

"Dream a Little Dream"
by Wiley Beveridge (2010)

"Friends" by Mikel, Elaine, Diane & friends (1980)

Note "Friends" album NEVER published, until now

"Listen: Open to the Call"

by Wiley & Diane (2002)

Two hour-long compilations, assembled by Beau Weaver.

"Sing to Jesus"


"Life Together"

"Dream a Little Dream" album by Wiley Beveridge (2010)
"This is a collection of original material and songs by wonderfully talented friends from all over. Quite a few are chants that can be sung over and over making the meaning of the words go deeper and stay longer. All of this music is about going in, where God is for us all. It is about being reminded of who we are, right now in whatever state we find ourselves. In this very place we are loved completely and all is well."

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