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The Redeemer Worship Experience ......in two .mp3 audio compilations

Two, hour-long  "love offering" compilations by Beau Weaver
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For many years, it was my annual project to make a music compilation CD for my three daughters as a Christmas gift.  In 2002, I came to understand that Susannah, Kaylah and Hannah did not have clear memories of what it was like at Redeemer, and why our worship together was so unforgettable for us all. So, using the skills I acquired from many years as a radio artist, I have put together a two-CD set, blending the songs together in a seamless stream that approximated what it felt like to be "lost in wonder, love and praise." 

There are two broad themes, Program One: Sing to Jesus
includes some of the iconic worship classics that - for me - defines our corporate experience.  Program Two: Life Together is about being family, as a particular people of God, and seeks to recall the unique flavor of us as a community.  This is does not claim to be the definitive collection; it's just how I remember it! In the wake of the last gathering in Eastwood, many of my old friends have asked for a copy of this program. So, we put together this method of sharing it that respects applicable copyright laws.

Of course, your kids will tell you physical CDs are on their way to extinction, so I've rendered the programs in the format of the modern era, as .mp3 audio files, which you may purchase and download for your iPod or other mp3 player, directly from the player embedded on this page. 

There is a small charge to cover payments that must go to copyright holders, and for music server webhosting.  Proceeds will be administered by the Community of Celebration in Aliquippa, PA, with any profits pledged to go as a gift to the current Redeemer congregation in Houston.

For iPod and iPhone users, download the audio files to your computer desktop, and then import them into iTunes using the File menu, then sync your device with iTunes.  Better yet, ask a teenager to do it for you!  Running time is about an hour for each program.  The downloads will take awhile, as they are about 60mb each

Perhaps these programs make you hungry to hear more musical gifts of grace given to this extraordinary extended family over the years.  If you are still in the CD era :) look through the rich musical legacy loving kept alive for us by our dear friends at Celebration in PA at Celebration Music Store

I hope this audio compilation experience inspires you to continue to love one another, and serve the Lord in each other, with gladness and singleness of heart, wherever the journey of faith has taken you.  With great affection for you all, 

Beau (Tom) Weaver

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