Music Videos: Celebration & Redeemer

Solo Artists more recently: music video as genre didn't exist until MTV created it!
"I am a Rock" by Diane Davis Andrew on "Celebrate the Feast" - video by MC
"I Believe in Angels"  by Wiley et al. at Thornton Academy benefit concert 2011
"Never in My Life" by Mike Kennedy from " Isn't It Good" album (c)Celebration

Wiley's videos created by Mary Catherine Young: graphic arts with audio track

"Living Words" by Wiley Beveridge (composer Jodi Page-Clark)
      (from his personal album "In This Moment: a Journey Begun")
"To Be Free"  by Wiley Beveridge
"I Will Remember You" by Wiley Beveridge (in memory of Margo Farra)
"You Are Welcome Here"  by Wiley Beveridge
"I Will Change Your Name"  by Wiley Beveridge
"If You Could See Your Heart" by Wiley Beveridge

"Silent Songs from the Gulf of Mexico"
by Wiley (words Mary Siromer)
      (in response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010)

"The Potter's Song" sung by Jodi Page-Clark (composer Jonathan Asprey)

"Mary Bearer of God"  by Rosalind Brown & Wiley Beveridge

"Morning Glory" (from "God Make Us Your FamilyCD)

"You Are Welcome Here",   "If You Could See Your Heart"
(from Wiley Beveridge's latest music CD 
"Dream A Little Dream")

Final Weekend Service at Redeemer 27-28 February 2011

"Now is the Time to Worship"  & "I Rejoice When I Heard Them Say" (by Emily Sloan)

"A Larger PlaceWiley Beveridge & Max Dyer

Choir Practice (on YouTube by Tom Deliganis)

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