Medical Clinic in Houston's 4th Ward

Redeemer Lite or "A Few Words from a Serial Scoffer"  by David Davis

■   Now called GNHC Good Neighbor Healthcare Clinic. Read history
Dave Binns: came from Providence in his late teens, lived at Wilson
    House, worked at 4th Ward clinic.  Read thought-provoking ending.
■   Cherie Binns: called as musician and nurse. Read the clinic's finalé.

One thing that set Medical Community households apart from Redeemer households was there were often persons of different faiths or denominations that lived together and worshiped on their own each weekend, rather than going to Redeemer. Elders in 1974 were Dr. Bob Eckert, Charles Foss, Joe Satterfield, Frank Marzullo.  Dan Butler was added to the eldership along with Fr. Billy Grissom when Dr. Bob left in early 1975, and St. Matthew's took on oversight of the Community and Clinic.

 View scanned 13-page article by Medical Lab Technologist Shirley Mitchell

 Account of 4th Ward clinic's creation by Dr. Bob Eckert, who concludes with The Lord will bless you and your service as you glorify Him. But, for whom else and what else is worth our taking even one breath?

Photos of reconstructing
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