Isle of Greater Cumbrae: Photos & Stories
Secret Stairs in Enchanted Wood by Granny Goes Trekking
Millport Shops in the 1950s by John Taberner
Cathedral of the Isles: the interior, colleges & grounds
Collage of waterfront stores; and the Dancing Midge cafe
  Millport 2006 by Bill Farra

 Memories from 1970s & 1980s:

Rehearsing skits & mime (1977)

"The Wind at the Door"  written
    by Maggie Durran (Kingsway, 1986)

Collected photos of Cumbrae Life

Cathedral of the Isles by Bill Farra

Millport Days by Carol Kennedy

Friends of Millport &
Friends of Millport 2

            by Christine Allen-Johns
There were challenging times for the Community while living on Cumbrae:

Fire, set off by decrepit aged wiring, streaked across North College loft


Intrepid FisherFolk in a fishing boat. Weather was too rough for ferries, but
had to reach Paisley Abbey to record
"Lo, He Comes" album <--click this link

 Cathedral College is now a Christian Retreat Center,
 also there's a Cumbrae Cathedral Friends website

  Video of Millport 2010 - 2011 by Island Photography (Ailsa Tomany)
  Photo gallery of Millport/Cumbrae: photo galleries ©CP Kelly

"Friends of Millport" group and official "Friends of Millport" page and and
for Millport news & events; also weekly

 Largs-Cumbrae ferry service runs on half-hour timetable. Book overnight accommodation:
 Westbourne House
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