Christine "Christy" Marie Moses Svanemyr
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Christy, age 35, was tragically killed at Holly Park in San Francisco on Thursday, September 5th, 2013. She was relaxing on a blanket with her eleven-month-old daughter, Isa, and family dog Ponyo when she was struck by a Parks and Recreation truck. Neither the child nor pet were injured.

She and her husband Vegar lived in San Francisco where they worked at New Ventures West Coaching and Training School which enables people to reach their highest potential. Christy appreciated and embraced each day as a gift and an opportunity, and was grateful for all of life's experiences.

She loved being close to nature and was an inspiring writer, artist, and teacher. Always wearing a smile, Christy was full of brilliance, passion and kindness. Her high energy and infectious enthusiasm impacted everything and everyone she touched.

Christy grew up in Morgantown, WV, and graduated from MHS ('96), and WVU (2001). After graduating from the training program at New Ventures West, she joined their staff and later became Director of Enrollment. She was blessed with many friends in each of the places she lived.

She is survived by her loving husband Vegar, and daughter Isa, as well as by her father and mother, George and Holly Moses, and her sister and brother-in-law, Suzanne and Chad Kanick.

A memorial service celebrating her life will take place at a later time.

How you all can help

  • Write a letter to her daughter.

    Many of us who knew Christy well are writing letters to Isa about her mom. When Isa grows up, she will have these letters as a way of learning about the amazing woman her mother was.

  • Please send your letter to: Isa Svanemyr, 359 Crestmont Drive, San Francisco, CA 94131

    Any other messages to Vegar can also be sent to this address.

  • Give financially to support Vegar and Isa. A fund has been set up to help Christy’s family transition to life without her. Contributions can be made at:

    Vegar will be donating superfluous funds to a children's charity, in honor of Christy.

  • Share your love and express your grief for Christy by posting a message to the community site that Vegar has created in her honor:

From Holly Carnahan Moses - see her photo album of Christy
We returned from San Francisco on Sat. Sep 14 and I've been unable until now to share our family's heartache in losing our Beloved daughter & sister, Christy. Her father & I and her sister Suzanne Moses Kanick & husband Chad Kanick are devastated. And that word doesn't even begin to describe what her wonderful husband, Vegar, is experiencing. She was a wonderful, vibrant, very spiritual person whose life mission was to help other people. She was in love with her husband and Sooooo excited to be a mother and watch her 11 mo. daughter, Isa grow up.

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