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Daphne Hazel Rank posted this on FB, Sunday 24 February 2013:

Today would have been Brian's 39th Birthday. I wanted to post this picture along with the original poem that Teresa Moore presented to our family. See it below, inspired by the Holy Spirit, as a reminder of my precious brother, and also to show God's tender mercy that came to us through Teresa Moore! Below the poem is a journal entry he wrote nine days before going home to Jesus. After the journal entry are more posts from FB.

Daphne concludes her FB post with: Many of you know Brian died in a river accident in the Guadalupe outside San Antonio. I don't know if you are also aware that when the accident happened he was on a summer weekend retreat with a youth group he was serving while attending Texas A&M. Not looking for sympathy...just remembering someone who should never be forgotten - who represented Jesus well in his short life. :)

Paula M: I do remember Brian, but as a wee boy. His sweet smile always took my breath away. God bless you all, Daphne. I know missing a family member is very hard. Thanks be to God that we will see our loved ones again!

Diane N: I remember Brian often. I told Elise that when coming into church one Sunday not terribly long before the accident, I looked towards the back and I guess the outer door must have been open, but stopped in my tracks because as he was coming into the nave, he had a golden glow around his head. It was very striking as I didn't see that with anyone else entering at the same time. It impressed me so strongly that I can still see it in my mind. I also remember how much he loved the Book of James.

James C: I only remember Brian as a little five-year old, but I'm not surprised he grew up and continued God's work in the world. World is a better place because of his presence

Nan C: Remember him well and .... can't wait to see him again, get to know him even better

George M: Teresa's poem about Brian is totally wonderful and a real tribute to him.

Margot T: We remember him ever so dearly.

George O: I have good memories of playing music with Brian, I remember it well.

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