In Memory of Jim Clowe

Memorial Service 11 am Fri 18 Sept
at Perimeter Church in Duluth GA

Funeral Service 10 am Mon 21 Sept
at Mission Anglican, Pensacola FL
- burial follows at Bayview Cemetery

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Clowe family together in November 2014

Clowe family in Pensacola in 1989

Clowe household in Eastwood in 1974

Betsy: For as long as I can remember, my dad has talked about longing to go to heaven. And when we were younger, we would all say DAD! Not yet, please!!". We have been so blessed to have such an amazing man for a dad and to have had him so many years. Today, he went home to be with Jesus at last and I know with every ounce of my being that it was glorious! I love you, Daddy and I will so look forward to being with you again one day...

Sarah: I chose this profile picture because this is exactly how I picture my Pops as he entered Glory today. Though there are no words to express how much he will be missed, Dad was in love with Jesus and very much ready to be with him. His passing was very quick and for that we grateful. I am blessed beyond measure to have been raised by this sweet man who loved us all so well. Please keep my family and especially my mom, who is saying goodbye to her sweetheart of 60 years, in your prayers.

Ellen: My dear, dear dad, James Record Clowe, took his light into glory today. I will miss him so very much! But, I am relieved that he is now out of his bodily misery, he is embraced by his heavenly Father, and surrounded by all the saints who have preceded him. He is probably having an absolute blast, greeting so many people he has loved and been missing for a while now. Please pray for our family as we gather from all over to celebrate his life. All of your prayers over the past year since he fell ill have been immeasurably
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