Martha Fisher:  Remembrances
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Martha Fisher passed away at 8 pm on Sunday, 29th of June 2014, in Denver, Colorado

Funeral is in St James Episcopal Jackson, MS. Mon 7 July, 11 am

Visitation is same day, at 10 am.

I know that Red and their children covet your prayers at this time, and in the days ahead. Leslie and I were blessed to have Martha and Red come through Mobile to be with us for Easter Services at St. Paul's in a recent year, and then stay for Easter dinner at the Wafer Table in our home afterwards. Martha, per her usual custom, wrote us a memorable note afterwards and I cherish the words she shared!

Ellen: I had the completely unexpected honor and privilege to share the last two months with her and Red and the Fisher clan as she made this transition from the earthly life to the life hereafter. God showed up in our midst and something deeply needed in my heart concerning the bonds formed at Redeemer was touched and healed in the times I spent with Red and Martha. We, the Redeemer community, asked God to make us a family back then and He did. It wasn't a figment of our imagination! It was and is real, and though perhaps dormant for some for many years, yet unbroken. Please pray for the Fishers as they mourn their loss of wife and mother. I lost a dear sister and friend and "other" mother, and I will miss her...

Being with Martha for the past two months and over the course of her final hours was a God-ordained time. On Sunday afternoon, her last day, Red, three of their sons, a daughter-in-law and I sang over her for about an hour and a half - every song we could remember - each of us starting them as they came to mind and the others joining in as we could. Red was quieted when we were singing, where he was restless and agitated otherwise. One nurse who came in during this time to administer some meds to Martha, was so moved by the music, she dashed from the room in tears.

The Fishers in general are a very musically gifted family, and the three sons present would quickly branch off into beautiful harmonies. Delightful - truly!

I have never before sat vigil with one so close to death, and was moved by a tremendous sense of being surrounded by the family of God, the great cloud of witnesses. I became sure of the bonds that bind us together across time and knew she was not alone in her journey to the other side. It was deeply impactful for me, and beautiful, and I feel the tears I have shed since she left us arise from gratitude for being included as member of this particular branch of the family tree. What a mighty God we serve!

Clay: Beautiful, Ellen. Thank you--feel almost like I was there.

Clay is right and my heart feel deep feelings for Red. Thank you Ellen for your candor.

Sam: Martha and I presented a lot of talks to newcomers when Topsy and I were guest masters. Martha would often come to my rescue and help me present. She was so encouraging and erudite.

Cherie: Red and Martha were so encouraging in the beginning of Dave and my relationship together and mentored us through our courtship and early marriage. Rock solid and a bit crazy....good combo. And Luke Fisher was one of our groomsmen.

Dave: Bright, Intelligent, witty, fun, honestly curious, did I say fun? And a wonderful heart for her Lord and her family. I can say this after living with Red and Martha and the kids for awhile during a very important part of my life. What she and Red offered has stayed with me my whole life. Red, Martha's equal in every way pulled me aside one day and told me, Dave, you must always remember, they're (wives) a whole lot smarter than us, and we will never, ever, catch up.  LOL

Steven: Red volunteered to operate on my knee sight unseen because I was not insured but worked on the maintenance crew at Church of the Redeemer, and Martha let me recuperate in their beautiful home in Jackson. What saints!

Ellen: My best memory from earlier days was a summer visit to their home in Jackson on Kings Highway. I stayed a couple of weeks. Every night after dinner, everyone gathered round in the family room and Martha read aloud to us from "The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew."

She was so dramatic and it fascinated me! I loved that family activity. Ever since then, I have loved reading aloud to others and I totally credit Martha with starting me down that path. These past few months I have had the great joy of reading aloud to her and Red from the "Little Britches" series. We were almost finished with the second book when she moved on to glory.

Barbara Jean: I know that if he had a computer, that Jim Brown would be writing something wonderful about the Fishers ... we had a great conversation about them one evening this week. He was saying that he really learned something from Dr. Red that he has taken into his life and remembers often. It all had to do with trying a seemingly impossible task, and not giving up.

Reid: May her soul enter into glory and may God comfort ALL her family.

Debbie: Give rest, O Christ, to your servant Martha with your saints, where sorrow and pain are no more, neither sighing, but life everlasting. 2011. Click site map to navigate
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