FaceBook Notes about Life / Redeemer

 Redeemer Memories
by Nancy and Grover Newman

Charlene's Redeemer Story
(A Child's Perspective) by Charlene Root Stidham

Stevie's Story and Love is Strong by Stephanie S. Sawyer

Life Changing Encounters with God's People at Redeemer by Jodi Page-Clarke

■ Recollections in a Book Review (Rt. Rev'd Dr.) Louis Chopin "Choppy" Cusachs

Head in The Clouds
(sermon by Rev. Jeff Fisher, Waco)

■ Redeemer Ties and Family by Cherie (Colton) Binns

Resolving Redeemer
by Tom Deliganis

■ Thoughts on Redeemer
by Ellen Clowe Wood

■ To Dear Ones at Redeemer by Molly Mills

■ Death of My Spiritual Home  by Donna Earnest Pravel

■ Double Dose of Redeemer Life  by Bob Andrew

■ One Page of My Life & Times by David Glenn

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