'Life Stories' by Writers Group at Redeemer

From 2006 to 2010 in eight week sessions, Alison Barker had the privilege of facilitating a life-story workshop at Church of the Redeemer, where each of 12 - 14 writers read a story from their own life, of no longer than five minutes long when read aloud. Signed papers of confidentiality kept it a safe place to share. They used Dr. Michelle Sierpina's work in which Alison was trained to use at UTMB's Osher Lifelong Learning program, Galveston. They left a legacy for families and friends.

It was a wonderful time, and the class continues meeting in 2011 at Peggy's and Nancy's. The stories have not been necessarily "religious" but in God's life, all our life belongs to Him, for those who have ears to hear. They left encouraged, awed and inspired. Each writer listened attentively, to make one positive comment on each person's writing - not the content - so they granted each person dignity and appreciation. The Scriptures are full of real life stories of God and His dealings.

Links below open a separate page with those Life Stories the writers have chosen to share publicly.

■  Diane Davis Andrew

■  Alison Barker

■  Robert Burlingame

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