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"A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality" Dr. Carolyn Reinhart, John Hunt Publishing
       Contact Carolyn through her blog, and follow her on FB  - see book review
"Grover Newman" self-published book by friend & mentor Dr. Bob Eckert

  "Interview with Betty Pulkingham" a video by Episcopal Diocese of NC

"Unabashedly Episcopalian: Proclaiming the Good News of the Episcopal Church"
by Bishop Andy Doyle of Texas. Order from Amazon or Cokesbury Press

  "Seven Story Bus: Story of the Trees Community"  Shishonee Ruetenik

  "Healing Hope for Bruised Souls - Church Manual"  by Dr. Terry Webb

  "Your Dad Wants to Bless You - Monday Morning Blessings" Oct 2011
Billy & Jennifer Crain, author of "Dad's Lessons from the Sandlot"

  "This is My Story, This is My Song: A Life Journey" book written by
      Betty Carr Pulkingham. Buy from Celebration and get a free music CD:
     The Song of Moses, + Lord Have Mercy, # Kyrie, # Christ Our Passover, * Holy, Holy,  * Blessing & Honor,
        ◊ Nicene Creed, ◊ Lord's Prayer, ◊ Jesus, Lamb of God, Blessed are the Folk, Psalm 122, Knock-Knock,  The
         Fishermen, Hail to the Lord's Anointed, Hallelujah Today!, Be Known To Us, For Ye Shall Go Out With Joy,
        I am the Bread of Life    (+ Melchizedek Mass, # Freedom Mass, * El Shaddai, ◊ Mass for the King of Glory)

"Following the Spirit" by Phil Bradshaw (2010): on-line at Amazon
     - see review
by Christianity Today (2010)

"Love Is: The Doorbell Rang" written by Daphne Mills Hope (2009)
buy directly from Keith Jones in Bournemouth.

 "Days of Fire & Glory: The Rise & Fall of a Charismatic Community" 
 by Julia Duin (2009 )

  "I Will Make You Fishers of Men" ministry publication by Fishermen, Inc 

"Church of the Redeemer, Miracle in the Inner City"
ACTS Magazine
(download as 11-page 6.2 MB PDF file)

Used Bookstores (search for book title at
  "Festival: Seasonal Celebrations with the FisherFolk"
       Maggie Durran and Val Hobbs (Marshall Pickering, 1988)

   "The Wind at the Door"  Maggie Durran (Kingsway, 1986)

   "The Folk Arts in God's Family"  Patricia Beall Gavigan
       (Hodder Christian paperbacks, 1984)

   "God's Family at Worship: Expressing His Life"
       Pat Beall & Louis Newton (Celebration, 1983)

"The Road to Emmaus Daphne Mills (Friary Press, 1979)

   "A Charismatic Reader"  Kelsey, Jorstad, Mills, Pulkingham
       (Evangelical Book Club, 1974)

   "Renewal: An Emerging Pattern by Graham Pulkingham
       & Jeanne Hinton
 ISBN 0-906309-10-7

Out of Print Books:
Free downloadable PDFs
  "Gathered For Power"
  by Graham Pulkingham (196 page PDF)
 Morehouse-Barlow Co. 1972.
 ISBN 0-8192-1130-3

  "They Left Their Nets: A Vision for Community Ministry"  
      by Graham Pulkingham
(free download as 159 page PDF)
      Hodder & Stoughton Limited, 1974.
ISBN 0-340-18553-8

  "A New Way of Living"  by Michael Harper (212 pages)

  "Mustard Seeds --Little Things in the Hands of a Big God"
by Betty Pulkingham (169 pages)

  "Sing God a Simple Song"  by Betty Pulkingham (202 pages) ©2011. Click site map to navigate
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