Writings about Redeemer & Community

 " God Intervenes: Stories of Supernatural Blessings & Revelations" by Tom Deliganis

  "God's Doctor: "A Texas Physician and the Miracles of God" by Dr. Bob Eckert

■  Grover Newman, by Dr. Bob Eckert

"Redeemer Lite" or "A Few Words from a Serial Scoffer" by David Davis

Funniest Memories, the Book of George, and Mrs. Hoops

■ Keeping It Real!
by Carolyn Lister Owens Wright

Conversation Thread 20 March 2011

Not So Long Ago by Chuck Hatt from his blog

■ Eastwood Onion 1982 by Teresa Moore (33-pages of literate choral satire)

■ I Stand in Awe
by Jennifer Crain from her blogspot

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