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August - Sep 2015
Remembering Jim Clowe
Funeral for Grover Newman and Memorial service

July 2015
 Memorial service for Ed Baggett

June 2015
new index to Photo albums
  Updated photo pages for Cumbrae, Woodland Park & Yeldall  

Mar 2015
 Taize Memorial service for Fr. Israel Ahimbisibwe

February 2015
 Memorial service for Melinda Kehl Hazel
  Memorial services for Fr. Israel Ahimbisibwe

May 2014
 Photos of Dominion Church International, new owners of former Redeemer Episcopal

April 2014
  Memorial Service for Vera Wilterding

February 2014

  Memorial Service for Ashley Farra

November 2013
 "A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality" book launch by Dr. Carolyn Reinhart in Hunstville, Ontario
 Eucharistic service featuring music by Betty Carr Pulkingham at St. James in Austin, TX

October 2013
 Added David Salge, singer Joshua Roberts, artist Ben Roberts to Solo Artists page
 A video honoring "Debussy Premiere Rhapsody for Clarinet and Piano" by David Salge
 Memorial service for Claude Hazel Sr - see also Remembrances, video of Eulogies

September 2013
 Photos of Redeemer Dance ministry group taken in 2001
 Pre-publication news of "A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality" Dr. Carolyn Reinhart - see review.

August 2013
 Funeral service for Peter Willis - read his obit, photos of folks gathered at his funeral

June 2013
 60+ people that became clergy who were earlier members of Redeemer or Celebration

May 2013
 Delightful story of woodlands & stone stairs on Cumbrae leading to Cathedral of the Isles

March 2013

  Memorial service for John Grimmet - download/right-click video of photos from his life

February 2013
■    Birth of Dominic Jason Guzie, first son of Mike and Michelle Farra Guzie, Aliquippa, PA
  "Redeemer Lite" or "A Few Words from a Serial Scoffer" MUST READ by David Davis

January 2013
   Memorial service for Jack Wilterding at Vineyard Spring. See photos taken on that day
  Memorial service for Sue Neal - see photos of the choir whose numbers swelled to 20+
   See website www.DavidRDavis.com by former 4th Ward clinic author now in Ft Worth

December 2012
   New web-page about Celebration's brief period in Coventry - photos from Carol Kennedy

November 2012
  Bill Linden funeral & PDF archive of his website "The Historical Jesus for Beginners"

October 2012
   Video of Pat Allen's memorial service, edited by Kevin O'Neill. Intro by Kevin & Max Dyer
   "Grover Newman" book by Dr. Bob Eckert: friend of Grover & mentor to many others

September 2012
"Interview with Betty Pulkingham" 13 min. video by Episcopal Diocese North Carolina
 "Serene Chaos" feeling sacred at the deconsecrated Redeemer sanctuary by Lisa Tenney
 Thanks Grady! Resurrected recording photos, at Paisley Abbey & Cathedral of the Isles
    also photos of skit & mime rehearsals ahead of performing at Edinburgh's Festival Fringe
 Added Ken Matthews, Bob West, Ted Preston, Geoff Hazel, Chris & Jeff Simpson to Saints

August 2012
 Can buy MP3 album & see schedule of upcoming live performance by David Pulkingham
 Added photos of "challenging times" (North College fire, stormy weather) to Cumbrae page
Added guitarist George O'Malley & keyboard composer Taft Metcalf to Solo Artists page

July 2012
  A new page in Groups for "Symphony of Souls", later on known as the Trees Community
 short video on Episcopal Divinity School featuring Becky, daughter of Dave & Cherie Binns
 Brian's "Hey Soul"  as interpreted by Claudia Gumbinner & Jennifer Crain in mime & dance
 "Streets of Edinburgh" photo essay by Peter Lusby-Taylor set to a tune by Thelonius Monk

 "Church of the Redeemer Houston-First Century Church"  by Jim Becka and Rob Blain
 Added Chris Wheeler, Jacqueline Durran, Kevin O, Mark Prebble, David Pulkingham, Patti Ross
    Wally Braud to Solo Artists
(had already listed Beau, Brian, Diane, Jodi, Maureen, Max, Peter, Richard, Wiley)
1995 collage photo of the Redeemer Houston Youth Group, assembled by  Rebecca Crow

June 2012

20+ music videos of David Pulkingham, a professional guitarist and singer based in Austin
"Healing Hope for Bruised Souls - Church Manual"  Terry Webb, a Celebration Companion
4th Ward clinic is now called "Good Neighbor Healthcare" Clinic. Read their complete history

May 2012

  Photos of Cathedral of the Isles: the interior, colleges and grounds
  Memorial service for Pat Allen, at Cathedral of the Isles, Cumbrae, U.K.

March 2012

"Singing in Harmony - an objection to Deitrich Bonhoeffer" (or what
     I learned from the music ministry of Church of the Redeemer)
  Eric Sawyer

February 2012
 "Old gray building now deconsecrated  O what life you once had within you"  Camp Huntington
  Redeemer Communion Bread recipe - doesn't crumble! Bake and share it with your parish

November 2011
  Funerals for Patricia Allen in Jerusalem, Israel. Also Robert Burgette in Tennessee
Redeemer Communion Bread recipe: doesn't crumble. Bake & share with your parish
October 2011
 "Then & Now" - hundreds of thumbnail portraits of us now and as we were in the '70s
 "This is My Story, This is My Song: A Life Journey"  book by Betty Carr Pulkingham

August 2011

Significant collection of B&W photos by John Paulus, being steadily sorted through and added
    by Marie Haefner Reeves. On this website they are in no single page, but now illustrate many

July 2011
 A page featuring Solo Artists who still practice their craft: Beau Weaver, Brian Howard, Jodi
    Page-Clark, Maureen White, Max Dyer, Peter Lusby-Taylor, Richard Gillard and Wiley Beveridge

 Added Diane Davis Andrew & 1980 album "Friends" with Mike & Elaine: never before released
 Dave Binn's remembrance of coming to Redeemer, life in Wilson House and 4th Ward Clinic
 Robin Jordan's Blogspot on use of eucharistic music & organ, influence on the Anglican church
    which evoked a response from George Mims, Redeemer organist/choir director 1969 to 1983

June 2011
  New B&W archive annual Redeemer photos of Easter (later Pentecost) Sunday panoramas
  Professional viideo of Millport 2010 - 2011 by Island Photography (Ailsa Tomany of Millport)

May 2011

  Added articles about Houston 4th Ward Clinic and Narragansett Rhode Island communities

April 2011

Used books by Community authors, on Publications page: search for them at BookFinders
  MP3 conversions of vinyl LPs by The Keyhole & early FisherFolk: net proceeds go to artists
  "Reminiscence of time in Narragansett community by FisherFolk moving to Coventry in UK
Making of a Wood Cutout Painting: Church of the Redeemer" video by Maureen White

March 2011
  "The Redeemer Worship Experience"  two-hours, $10 download MP3: proceeds to Redeemer
  "Seven Story Bus: The Story of the Trees Community" - by Shishonee Ruetenik
   Funniest Memories,   The Book of George,    Mrs. Hoops 

  " Redeemer Final Weekend Feb 25-27, 2011, with Album of Memories by members
 Video of dancers & choir "Let Our Praise to You be as Incense (©1979 Brent Chambers)

Archival Items by Others

  History of artist behind Redeemer mural "Christ of the Working Man"
  1970's CBS documentary "Following the Spirit" Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

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