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March 2018
■ Celebrating poetry, service and the retreat center ministry of Daphne Grimes
■ Online movie Melting Pot, score by "Cut Time" co-created by Charles Mallory

Feb 2018
■ Remembering the life of Rose Marie Wallace, widow of Dick Wallace
■ Celebrating a new website launch, of the writings of Dr. Bob Eckert

Jan 2018
■ Remembering the life of Louise Root
■ Jodi Page-Clark's Poetry of an Appalachian pilgrim: Reflections of a Fisherfolk songwriter
■ Good news of Aliquippa revitalization investment

Nov 2017
■ David Pulkingham gets a bourbon cocktail named after him.

Oct 2017
■ Remembering the life of Joe Thibodeau
■ Launch of Cantiga's "A Timeless Journey". They & Max Dyer
   are celebrating 38 years of performing Renaissance music.

Sep 2017
■ "Mutley Matters" group in Plymouth honoring the community service of Jeanne Hinton
■ 40th anniversary of Yeldall Manor as residential rehab for men recovering from addiction

Aug 2017
■ Remembering the life of Peggy Metcalf

May 2017
■ News coverage of the redevelopment plans for the complex at Dallas, Telephone and Eastwood
■ Remembering the life of Anita Delafield

April 2017
■ Final sing-along with the Gress-Miles organ before it was packed up for a new church home.

Dec 2016
■ Rev. Tom Herrick leads a Titus Institute for Church Planting "Coaching 101" workshop.

Aug 2016
■ Remembering the life of Joanna Van Estes

July 2016
■ Memorial service for Paul and Mary Felton

June 2016
■ Remembering Jeanne Hinton with video of the funeral service

August - Sep 2015
■ Remembering Jim Clowe
■ Funeral for Grover Newman and Memorial service

July 2015
■ Memorial service for Ed Baggett

June 2015
■ new index to Photo albums
■ Updated photo pages for Cumbrae, Woodland Park & Yeldall

Mar 2015
■  Taize Memorial service for Fr. Israel Ahimbisibwe

February 2015
■ Memorial service for Melinda Kehl Hazel
■ Memorial services for Fr. Israel Ahimbisibwe

May 2014
Photos of Dominion Church International, new owners of former Redeemer Episcopal

April 2014
■ Memorial Service for Vera Wilterding

February 2014
■ Memorial Service for Ashley Farra

November 2013
■  "A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality" book launch by Dr. Carolyn Reinhart in Hunstville, Ontario

October 2013
■ Added David Salge, singer Joshua Roberts, artist Ben Roberts to Solo Artists page
■ A video honoring "Debussy Premiere Rhapsody for Clarinet and Piano" by David Salge
■ Memorial service for Claude Hazel Sr - see also Remembrances, video of Eulogies

September 2013
■  Photos of Redeemer Dance ministry group taken in 2001
■ Pre-publication news of " A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality" Dr. Carolyn Reinhart - see review

August 2013
■  Funeral service for Peter Willis - read his obit, photos of folks gathered at his funeral

June 2013
■  60+ people that became clergy who were earlier members of Redeemer or Celebration

May 2013
■  Delightful story of woods & stone stairs leading to Cumbrae's Cathedral of the Isles

March 2013
■  Memorial service for John Grimmet - download/right-click video of photos from his life

February 2013
■    Birth of Dominic Jason Guzie, first son of Mike and Michelle Farra Guzie, Aliquippa, PA
■   "Redeemer Lite" or "A Few Words from a Serial Scoffer" MUST READ by David Davis

January 2013
■   Memorial service for Jack Wilterding at Vineyard pring. See photos taken on that day
■   Memorial service for Sue Neal - see photos of the choir whose numbers swelled to 20+
■   See website www.DavidRDavis.com by former 4th Ward clinic author now in Ft Worth

December 2012
■    New web-page about Celebration's brief period in Coventry - photos from Carol Kennedy

November 2012
■    Bill Linden funeral & PDF archive of his website "The Historical Jesus for Beginners"

October 2012
■     Video of Pat Allen's memorial service, edited by Kevin O'Neill. Intro by Kevin & Max Dyer
■     "Grover Newman" book by Dr. Bob Eckert: friend of Grover & mentor to many others

September 2012
■   "Interview with Betty Pulkingham" 13 min. video by Episcopal Diocese North Carolina
■  "Serene Chaos" feeling sacred at the deconsecrated Redeemer sanctuary by Lisa Tenney
■  Thanks Grady! Resurrected recording photos, at Paisley Abbey & Cathedral of the Isles
    also photos of skit & mime rehearsals ahead of performing at Edinburgh's Festival Fringe
■  Added Ken Matthews, Bob West, Ted Preston, Geoff Hazel, Chris & Jeff Simpson to Saints

August 2012
■   Can buy MP3 album & see schedule of upcoming live performance by David Pulkingham
      Added photos of "challenging times" (North College fire, stormy weather) to Cumbrae page
■ Added guitarist George O'Malley & keyboard composer Taft Metcalf to Solo Artists page

July 2012
■   A new page in Groups for "Symphony of Souls", later on known as the Trees Community
■    video on Episcopal Divinity School featuring Becky, daughter of Dave & Cherie Binns
■   Brian's "Hey Soul"  as interpreted by Claudia Gumbinner & Jennifer Crain in mime & dance
■   " Streets of Edinburgh" photo essay by Peter Lusby-Taylor set to a tune by Thelonius Monk
■   " Church of the Redeemer Houston-First Century Church"  by Jim Becka and Rob Blain
■  Added Chris Wheeler, Jacqueline Durran, Kevin O, Mark Prebble, David Pulkingham, Patti Ross,
    Wally Braud to Solo Artists
(had already listed Beau, Brian, Diane, Jodi, Maureen, Max, Peter, Richard, Wiley)
■   1995 collage photo of the Redeemer Houston Youth Group, assembled by Rebecca Crow

June 2012
■  20+ music videos of David Pulkingham, a professional guitarist and singer based in Austin
■ "Healing Hope for Bruised Souls - Church Manual"  Terry Webb, a Celebration Companion
■   4th Ward clinic is now called "Good Neighbor Healthcare" Clinic. Read their complete history

May 2012
■ Photos of Cathedral of the Isles: the interior, colleges and grounds
Memorial service for Pat Allen, at Cathedral of the Isles, Cumbrae, U.K.

March 2012
■ " Singing in Harmony - an objection to Deitrich Bonhoeffer" (or what
     I learned from the music ministry of Church of the Redeemer)
  Eric Sawyer

February 2012
■  "Old gray building now deconsecrated  O what life you once had within you"  Camp Huntington
■   Redeemer Communion Bread recipe - doesn't crumble! Bake and share it with your parish

November 2011
■   Funerals for Patricia Allen in Jerusalem, Israel. Also Robert Burgette in Tennessee
■   Redeemer Communion Bread recipe: doesn't crumble. Bake & share with your parish

October 2011
■ " Then & Now" - hundreds of thumbnail portraits of us now and as we were in the '70s
■ " This is My Story, This is My Song: A Life Journey"  book by Betty Carr Pulkingham>

August 2011
■   Significant collection of B&W photos by John Paulus, being steadily sorted through and added
      by Marie Haefner Reeves. On this website they are in no single page, but now illustrate many.

July 2011
■  A page featuring Solo Artists who still practice their craft: Beau Weaver, Brian Howard, Jodi
    Page-Clark, Maureen White, Max Dyer, Peter Lusby-Taylor, Richard Gillard and Wiley Beveridge

■ Added Diane Davis Andrew & 1980 album "Friends" with Mike & Elaine: never before released
■  Dave Binn's remembrance of coming to Redeemer, life in Wilson House and 4th Ward Clinic
■  Robin Jordan's Blogspot on use of eucharistic music & organ, influence on the Anglican church
    which evoked a response from George Mims, Redeemer organist/choir director 1969 to 1983

June 2011
■   New B&W archive annual Redeemer photos of Easter (later Pentecost) Sunday panoramas
■  Professional video of Millport 2010 - 2011 by Island Photography (Ailsa Tomany of Millport)

May 2011
■  Added articles about Houston 4th Ward Clinic and Narragansett Rhode Island communities

April 2011
Used books by Community authors, on Publications page: search for them at BookFinders
■   MP3 conversions of vinyl LPs by The Keyhole & early FisherFolk: net proceeds go to artists
■   " Reminiscence of time in Narragansett  community by FisherFolk moving to Coventry in UK
Making of a Wood Cutout Painting: Church of the Redeemer" video by Maureen White

March 2011
  "The Redeemer Worship Experience" two-hours, $10 download MP3: proceeds to Redeemer
■  "Seven Story Bus: The Story of the Trees Community" - by Shishonee Ruetenik
■    Funniest Memories,   The Book of George,   Mrs. Hoops

February 2011
■   " Redeemer Final Weekend Feb 25-27, 2011, with Album of Memories by members
 Video of dancers& choir "Let Our Praise to You be as Incense (©1979 Brent Chambers)

Archival Items by Others
■  History of artist behind Redeemer mural "Christ of the Working Man"
  1970's CBS documentary "Following the Spirit"  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

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